Celebrating New Certification (and why you should be, too)

Relish’s founder and President, Pam Willoughby, just earned her certification as an Employer Branding Professional from the Employer Branding Academy.

You’re popping the champagne too, right? Well, here’s why we’re celebrating. Relish has been helping our clients build and grow their employer brands for most of the past decade – with tremendous results. But a desire to learn and to keep our ideas current is deep in our corporate DNA. Which is why we’re always looking for examples of excellence, research-based trends, insights and best practices to deepen our knowledge, sharpen our skills and deliver results for our clients.

The intensive, eight-week educational program required for certification delivered it all.

In fact, it also gave Pam the opportunity to share her own experience and successes, contributing to the overall body of employer branding knowledge. Which told us we’ve been doing a lot of things right. The certification program also gave us some advanced information, eye-opening research and new perspectives – all of which will give our clients more advantages as they define their employer brands to attract, engage and retain employees.

Now, you see why we want you to celebrate with us. Better yet, let us bring the party to you as we share new ways to help you define, communicate and savor your employer brand.

Read the press release HERE.

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