Why Branding Matters for Your Next Medical Device Launch


Launching a new product is a challenging undertaking with many factors leading up to the big reveal. You have to consider testing and pre-sales and final details of product design not to mention stringent compliance standards and complex sales channels involving physicians, clinicians, hospital executives, purchasers and consumers.[1]

With all these important pieces coming together, it would be easy to rush through your product branding process, assuming that a quick, attractive logo and name are all you need to move forward. Don’t make that mistake. Smart branding is often the difference that enables a successful launch and helps you to accomplish multiple important goals:

1. Differentiate Your Device and Organization

The medical device arena is a $390+ billion industry[2] that will only grow over the foreseeable future. Because of this, manufacturers can expect to see a continual increase in competition. Even with a specialized device, it can be difficult to rise above the noise of products competing to address similar issues. It’s essential to define a distinct brand, both for your product and your business overall.

2. Build Audience Interest and Trust

Medical devices are designed to do a specific job efficiently and effectively; they usually aren’t designed to have personality or inspire feelings of any kind. That’s where your brand comes in. Take your device from anonymity to a recognizable, relatable and trusted identity with a clear, consistent look, feel and message.

3. Generate Momentum for Future Launches

When you establish a consistent brand, audiences know exactly what to expect from it. Think about brands like Apple and Disney – you know that they stand for clean, cool innovation and magical, wholesome entertainment, respectively. Which means you know what to expect from their releases.[3] When customers buy into a brand, they are often ready to accept new offerings – even without knowing all the details. For healthcare devices, those details matter. But don’t discount the value of being a known quantity in the marketplace, recognized for specific, positive attributes. These attributes will serve your initial launch and will continue to build momentum with each new feature or addition to your product line.

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