Bring Your Brand to Life

One of our favorite things at Relish is conducting brand strategy workshops. In these sessions, we guide clients through our 360° Brand Framework, a series of exercises designed to help them better understand and define their brands. After these sessions, we pore through content generated during the session, looking for unique brand attributes and connecting them to strategic opportunities. Then we brainstorm and develop creative ways to bring the brand to life.

That follow-up work is where we discover inspiration as well as information, turning our findings into compelling brand communication. It’s where our fusion of strategy and creative – the Relish “secret sauce” – happens.

Even so, clients often tell us that the workshop exercises themselves deliver tremendous value. They say that the process of exploring their brand through the lenses of purpose, identity, competitive positioning, culture, and capabilities reveals essential insights about the company, its people, challenges and opportunities.

Which is why we’ve gathered our Brandfluence 360°Brand Framework exercises into a workbook. And we’re offering it to you for free.

Full disclosure: we hope that after using the workbook, you’ll want to keep going and work with us to infuse your brand with fresh energy that helps you raise your business to new levels of success. But for now, let’s think of the free workbook as a way of introducing Relish Marketing to you and your company.

Get the Brandfluence Workbook