What Betty Crocker Taught Me About Branding

Along with Maxwell House Coffee, Life Cereal and Charles’ Chips, Betty Crocker was a mainstay in my Mom’s kitchen. While I enjoyed eating Charles’ Chips (and who wouldn’t, since they were the best home delivered infusion of oil, carbs and salt available in Louisville in the late 1970s), Betty Crocker taught me how to cook. I learned how to roast a chicken, stir up a white sauce and bake a cherry pie all under her steady gaze.

This connection with Betty Crocker came roaring back to me a few months ago when my sister and I were going through some old boxes in our parents’ home. As soon as I saw my sauce-splattered copy of Betty Crocker’s Cookbook, 1972 edition, I grabbed the book, hugged it to my chest and said, “There’s MY Betty Crocker!”


Until that moment, I had not realized just how powerful my connection to Betty Crocker was…and apparently still is. And, it got me thinking about the emotional stickiness of brands.

No matter what you sell and to whom, your brand can help forge an enduring relationship. It’s our job as brand managers and marketers to understand our brand’s purpose and personality such that we can convey it consistently through every touchpoint.

At 13, I didn’t know a thing about branding, but I wanted to learn to cook and Betty Crocker the brand helped me do it. By being my educator and guide, the Betty Crocker brand created a lasting connection that continues to resonate with me.

How can you create Betty Crocker moments for your brand? What is your brand’s place in the world? How do you define your brand promise? Where and how can your brand better serve and connect with customers?

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