Life at Relish: Travel Bucket List

With a hint of spring in the air, our thoughts are starting to turn to travel and adventure. The team here at Relish Marketing has a long list of destinations on our bucket list. Here are the places that we want to go for renewal and inspiration.


One destination on my (and my wife’s) bucket list is definitely Italy.  More accurately, Venice and the Tuscan region.  It’s a place I have always admired for its beauty and more importantly, its wonderful food.  Being from New York, I have always loved going to Little Italy, and I really want to try the “real thing.”


When our children were growing up, we entered an au pair program (interestingly, on the advice of our friend, Pam Willoughby!). We’ve since dreamed of a big trip to visit them all in Turkey, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, England, Norway, and Poland (although our Polish au pair now lives in the U.S.).


I love to travel, so there are many places on my list. The places I absolutely have to go to are: Egypt to see the pyramids and the temples. Bora Bora to be on an island far, far away and experience total relaxation in an overwater bungalow. Italy to indulge in pasta and wine while touring the cities and countryside. South Africa/Madagascar to soak up the culture and beautiful beaches.


Like many, my travel bucket list is very long. But, between the descriptions by a favorite author (Orhan Pamuk), memories of a dearly beloved Nancy Drew mystery (The Mysterious Mannequin), and the lure of the Bosporus Strait, Istanbul holds a place at the top of my list.


Ireland - I want to sketch inside as many castles as I can. Japan - Cherry blossoms in the spring. Please! South Africa - Kruger National Park. Singapore - Marina Bay Sands Hotel... look it up. Morocco - Sahara Desert meets Casablanca.


My bucket list is way too long to list, so I will share my next big international trip. My goal is to visit several locations in Thailand at the end of this year and several locations in Africa next year. Both are two big bucket list items.


My #1 travel destination is Palermo, Sicily (and the entire island in general). My grandfather immigrated to America from there when he was a boy in the 1890’s and I’ve always wanted to see where he and my family came from.


I have a very long bucket list for travel. First up is Budapest and Dubrovnik. I have had a thing for Scotland (kilts!) since I was a teenager, so I definitely want to travel there and possibly Ireland. I am also in conversation with a good friend about a trip to Bali or Thailand for a meditation/yoga retreat. The world is such a big place and I have seen so little of it.


There are 2 places that I’d love to visit. For 30 years, I’ve wanted to visit Thailand for its architectural and historic beauty, and for authentic Thai food. It also helps that, from what I hear, there are beautiful beaches! The other place is Paris, because it’s, well... Paris.














Life at Relish: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! The transition to 2019 has had all of us at Relish Marketing thinking not so much about resolutions as about what we’d just as soon leave behind with the old year – and what new things we hope to grow for ourselves going forward:

Don’t want in 2019 – Procrastination. Do want in 2019 – To enhance business development for Relish and more yoga for me personally!

I want to leave that propensity to reflect (obsess?) on my to-do list and that nagging feeling that something is undone behind. Good riddance. And in 2019, I want to grow my ability to live and take in the now and enjoy the experience that I am in at any given moment.

I want to get rid of self-doubt and inertia, my two greatest nemeses. And I’m hoping to grow creative expression across all my favorite media – and time to revel with family and friends.

What I hope won’t follow me into 2019: My compulsion to save/store old things that I haven’t used in years. And to grow in the new year? Design and technical skills in video editing/production.

Less division. More compromise.

Something from 2018 that I hope won’t follow me into 2019? My social media addiction. And what I hope will grow for me in the new year?  Money and opportunities :)

Something I do not want is to come close and lose in my fantasy football league AGAIN. One thing I really do want is to travel somewhere I have never been to.

I don’t want to be on social media more than 3 hours total per week unless it’s work-related. I do want to travel more and experience different cultures.

What are YOU looking forward to this year? We’d love to hear about it.


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Content may be king, but the real prize is user engagement – when people enjoy the experience of connecting with your business online and keep coming back for more. Especially in a world where consumers are constantly bombarded by content, you’ll want to see these ways to turn great content into great relationships.

Burger King Takes on the Pink Tax

Did you know that products specified “for women” are priced an average of 13% higher than the same product marketed to the general population – and sometimes even higher? It’s known as  “The Pink Tax” and we love how Burger King raised awareness about it with their “Chick Fries” stunt campaign. Take a look.

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3 Rules for Great Videos

It’s easy to see the many ways in which video can support your marketing and grow business. After all, more than 73% of consumer internet traffic is video – and that number is growing. Likewise, video in an email can double – or even triple – click-through rates. But is all video alike? Of course not. Videos can run the gamut from documentary-style storytelling and broadcast television style to a talk-show format, “live illustration” explainer video, or even short, animated GIFs. But we’ve identified three essential rules that can help you make the right video for your business:

    1. Know your audience. Who needs to see this video? Why do they need to see it? And what biases and preconceptions are they bringing with them? Also, how are they likely to be viewing it – in the office? In a theater-style presentation? Or on their mobile phones? The answers to these key questions will tell you a lot about the kind of video you’ll need to produce.
    2. Know your message. As in any other media, a clear focus is essential. Even a highly engaging video will be a waste of resources if you don’t begin with a solid understanding of what it needs to communicate. So, always start by asking yourself this: If people walk away from the video knowing, learning and/or feeling one thing, what must that be?
    3. Know your limits, specifically, in these important areas:
      • Budget – Unless you have the technology and expertise you’ll need to create the results you want on your own, you’re going to need to invest in videography – and this is definitely an area in which you get what you pay for. A brilliant videographer can get great results using little more than an iPhone and smart lighting, but poor-quality DIY video – and make no mistake, that’s most self-made video – can actually do more harm than good. That said, you don’t necessarily need to have a broadcast-TV production budget to achieve results. A well-written, smartly produced video can be highly effective – and surprisingly affordable if you’re willing to use stock videography, simple animation and/or no voiceover.
      • Expertise and Experience – A quality video requires quality visual design, storyboarding, writing and production. And keep in mind that you may be good at writing whitepapers, but if you don’t have scriptwriting experience, that skill may not automatically transfer to a video about the same subject.
      • Talent – In video, talent typically refers to the people seen and heard on-screen or heard in the voiceover. Those faces and voices can make the difference in how credible your video comes across to audiences. That said, you may know your technology backward and forward, but that knowledge may not translate to a compelling video presence.

Armed with the essential knowledge these three rules will give you, you’ll be able to best identify, evaluate and get the best ROI from any investment you make in video. Whether you’re aiming for an Emmy Award or you want to support sales and promote learning opportunities, the right resources will help you leverage your team’s skills and knowledge and produce a video that delivers results.

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Life at Relish: Our Favorite Fonts

Choosing a font to use for your brand on printed/digital collateral is a critical part of engaging your audience, and often times it can be a difficult choice. There's serif, sans-serif, script, display, and even within those categories, there are still tons of options. So, we thought it'd be fun to challenge ourselves to pick our favorite fonts. See what we chose below:

I've always had a fondness for the simple, elegant fonts like Garamond and Helvetica Neue but I must admit to being a bit of a decorative font junkie for special projects - handwritten ones like Crazy Thoughts and Silent Reaction, as well as decorative fonts like Wednesday or Neon Lights. Of course, any time I see anything using the Papyrus font, it just makes me laugh because of the infamous Ryan Gosling SNL sketch about how the movie Avatar used it.

Fonts are like fashion. What's in style is always changing. However, a font type that never goes out of style is a sans-serif font. Wikipedia defines a sans-serif font as a letterform that does not have extending features called "serifs" at the end of strokes. They are clean, crisp and simple. They are also professional, easy-to-read and approachable. A specific one I've been using lately on some of our client work is Gilroy. It embodies all the things I like about a sans-serif font.

Choosing a favorite font is a difficult task. I like Futura for its simplicity and readability, even at small sizes. I like Bodoni Bold because it looks like money. I even like Arnold Boecklin for its art nouveau, psychedelic quality. I guess my favorite font is the right one for the situation. But as I looked through our font collection here at Relish, I came across Bookeyed Sadie Ampersands. What a great "font"! "And" connects so many things, and here is a whole family of different ways to show "and". I think this is my new favorite font.

I've always been a fan of sans-serif fonts and Gotham has recently become my new favorite. The geometric feel of the font reminds me of architecture - perfect lines as if each letter was created up against a ruler. It's very easy to read which makes it a great display font. I also love that there are so many weights and it also comes in Narrow, Extra Narrow and Condensed providing endless options.

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Entrepreneur | Netflix Has Adopted Machine Learning to Personalize Its Marketing Game

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Bloomberg | Facebook Loses Ground to Google with Users Spending More Time on YouTube

As consumers turn their attention to video, people are spending less time on Facebook and more time on Google’s YouTube. Will Facebook’s shift away from media sharing and toward family and friends’ posts be enough to maintain its leadership? Or will people lose interest in the platform? Take a look at the latest stats and see what you think and as a bonus see how Facebook’s Watch platform may help them retain viewership.

Forbes| Building Customer Relationships Is Imperative for Competing in the High-Stakes Mid Market

An ever-changing digital landscape in which people use multiple devices interchangeably has made it more challenging for mid-sized companies to effectively target consumers. But do these companies have unique strengths that can help them outcompete larger companies? This article suggests they do.


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life at relish february 2018 resolutions and goals

Life At Relish: Our 2018 Resolutions and Goals

We asked the Relish team what their 2018 resolutions and goals were this year and how things are going so far. Here’s what they had to report:

I started the year with a resolution to do some form of short, high-intensity interval training (like the NY Times 7-Minute Workout) every morning before I get ready to start my workday. As of the writing of this post, I've been doing okay at it - but not great, often opting for a little extra sleep or a less-rushed breakfast instead. Even so, on the days when I don't get that workout in, I try not to beat myself up over it so I can start the next day with refreshed resolve, rather than guilt. I remain committed to the goal!

I set some exercise goals for this year moving forward. I hesitate to call it a "New Year's Resolution" because that makes it feel like something with annual limits. So, this year, I set a lifestyle resolution. I am working with a trainer on not only increasing the quality of my exercise regiment but also taking it more seriously. So far so good (albeit a little sore). I also set a goal to delve deeper into my passions, and take them more seriously too. That also seems to be producing some great results.

I set a few goals to accomplish this year, but two of my personal goals are to read a new book once a month and travel more. The past few years, my goals have been strictly business/career related, but we all need work-life balance. So, this year I'm challenging myself to unplug every now and then to enjoy a book and travel the world a bit more.

I, like a lot of people, have a renewed commitment to exercising this year. It's been going well so far. I exercised pretty consistently the first couple of weeks in January and went on a snowboarding trip the third week of January. 2018 is going to be a fit year!

I am not really a New Year’s resolution person as I typically set overarching quarterly personal and professional goals and check against them monthly and weekly. I do use the end of the year to reflect on goals I’ve accomplished. I also have now implemented a two-week “mental check out’ period between Christmas and the first week in January by taking a vacation. This always helps me press reset, and I come back refreshed and motivated to hit the ground running for the new year.

My goal for the start of the new year was to get some new shoes because it’s been a couple of years. I’m glad to say that I’ve made good on that resolution by buying two more pairs of casual shoes for work, two pairs of sneakers for exercising and a pair of dress shoes.

This year’s focus is self-care. In January, I completed the Whole 30 eating plan, and I’m slowly reintroducing foods to see how my body responds. Completing the plan was a huge accomplishment for me, and I had many NSVs (non-scale victories)! I’m also spending a lot of time on Skillshare finding creative classes to exercise the right side of my brain. Current interests are photography and watercolor!

My resolution this year is to draw more! Sketching with pencil and paper always helps me refine and clarify my ideas before I commit them to a computer screen.


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Employer Branding Certification

Celebrating New Certification (and why you should be, too)

Relish’s founder and President, Pam Willoughby, just earned her certification as an Employer Branding Professional from the Employer Branding Academy.

You’re popping the champagne too, right? Well, here’s why we’re celebrating. Relish has been helping our clients build and grow their employer brands for most of the past decade – with tremendous results. But a desire to learn and to keep our ideas current is deep in our corporate DNA. Which is why we’re always looking for examples of excellence, research-based trends, insights and best practices to deepen our knowledge, sharpen our skills and deliver results for our clients.

The intensive, eight-week educational program required for certification delivered it all.

In fact, it also gave Pam the opportunity to share her own experience and successes, contributing to the overall body of employer branding knowledge. Which told us we’ve been doing a lot of things right. The certification program also gave us some advanced information, eye-opening research and new perspectives – all of which will give our clients more advantages as they define their employer brands to attract, engage and retain employees.

Now, you see why we want you to celebrate with us. Better yet, let us bring the party to you as we share new ways to help you define, communicate and savor your employer brand.

Read the press release HERE.

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Atlanta Employer Branding Expert Certified by Employer Branding Academy



For Immediate Release

January 23, 2018


For More Information Contact:

Teresa McCrerey-Wheat

404 889-4333


Atlanta Employer Branding Expert Certified by Employer Branding Academy

[Atlanta, GA] – 2018 promises to be a year in which businesses focus more deeply than ever on the best ways to attract, engage and retain top talent – and Relish Marketing is expanding its ability to help them do it. The Atlanta area marketing firm’s president, Pamela Willoughby, recently earned certification as an Employer Branding Professional from the Employer Branding Academy, following a rigorous in-person and online eight-week educational program that culminated in the presentation of an Employer Branding case study.

“The candidate-driven employment market requires employers to be strategic in the way that they communicate and engage with employees and prospective talent,” noted Willoughby. “Employers have an employer brand, whether they have cultivated it or not. The opportunity is to approach employer branding as a key business process just as you would financial and operations planning so that you have the right talent to support and grow the business. With research, trends, insights and best practices gleaned from the Employer Branding Academy, Relish Marketing is now better equipped than ever to help our clients strengthen their employer brands strategically and creatively.”

Under Willoughby’s leadership, Relish Marketing has provided employer branding strategy and implementation services to regional and Fortune 500 CPG, manufacturing and hospitality companies since 2010. Most recently, the agency’s employer branding work has attracted recognition from a wide range of publications including AdAge, Forbes and U.S. News & World report, as well as the North American Excellence Awards and the American Marketing Association AMY awards.

Relish Marketing fuses strategy and creative to unlock brands and propel them forward. Our employer branding, corporate branding, digital marketing, content creation and design experience help clients savor their brand and achieve winning results.

The Employer Branding Academy was founded in 2014 with the aim of teaching companies from around the globe the methods and techniques of becoming more attractive as employers by creating and executing their employer brands. Since its inception in 2014, more than 800 representatives from the world’s leading and most progressive employers have taken part in Employer Branding Academy courses. From building strategies from scratch, to implementing the coursework into their company’s ongoing employer branding processes, participants have used the knowledge gained from the courses to become stronger Employer Branding coaches.

Alumni Engagement Advantage

Don’t Let Farewell be Forever: Leverage Your Alumni as a Secret Brand Advantage

Your Big Industry is a Small World

As businesses deliver increasingly specialized offerings, the number of qualified professionals can be limited. Which means that people who have worked for you in the past – your alumni – matter for four key reasons:

  1. Candidates trust them. What are the chances that your employment candidates will want to talk to former employees? Pretty good. In fact, according to studies cited in Inc. Magazine, job seekers are two-thirds more likely to make a decision about whether to work for a company based on feedback from former employees.
  1. Their reviews may be more candid. Current employees may “self-censor” their reviews on sites like, avoiding negativity for fear of being recognized and punished. By contrast, former employees have no reason to phrase their reviews so carefully – and may therefore be more open about their experiences.
  1. They’re likely to stay connected to your industry. Whether they go to work for a customer, competitor or partner, their knowledge and skill sets are unlikely to take them too far away. Stay friendly and connected, and they may be able to open doors to new partnerships, connections and even “co-opetive” opportunities for your firm.
  1. They may come back. You’ve seen the “boomerang trend.” Someone leaves a company, then, as they’ve acquired new skills and experience, they become newly desirable and return – often at a higher level. This is especially common at professional services firms because there are only so many professionals who truly understand your industry niche, customers and the way you do business.

In short, just because someone is a “former” employee, they can still play an important role in the way your firm is viewed by everyone from customers to competitors – and especially by potential new employees. Which is why alumni engagement can – and should – be a critical part of your organization’s employer branding strategy.

How to Engage Alumni

Staying engaged with people who have worked for you in the past has its own challenges. Here are five things you can do to keep your alumni network energized:

  • Build and reinforce connections. Establish a directory that allows former employees to reach out to you – and to one another. Build an alumni social network where former employees can keep each other (and you) informed about their work and lives. Consider creating a regular publication that shares profiles of key alumni and keeps former employees informed of firm-related news.
  • Get some face time. When asked what they liked best about any former employer, answers often include “the people.” Connecting in person reinforces those good, person-to-person feelings. Events that bring former employees together with key current team members are great ways to engage and continue to show them some love.
  • Own the process (or define who does). Alumni engagement could realistically be the purview of many different functions within your firm – including HR, Marketing or Corporate Communications. To keep outreach activities strategically focused, involve stakeholders from all relevant departments in alumni engagement planning and execution – but clearly define one stakeholder to drive and manage the process and deliverables.
  • Measure your success. Define how you want alumni engagement activities to benefit your firm – be it in terms of brand awareness, talent acquisition, business referrals or industry influence. With those goals in place, you can identify the right metrics to measure how well your efforts are paying off and where to invest further.
  • Do it yourself (or not). Alumni engagement can be a streamlined component of your overall HR communication efforts. But it can also strain in-house resources, especially while getting your initial efforts up and running. Don’t be afraid to tap into the creativity and experience of a partner who can help you – whether with advice, support or full-scale program development and implementation.

The truth of any firm is that employees will come and employees will go. Use that truth to your advantage. That way, even when people leave your company, they can continue to positively reinforce your brand, support talent acquisition efforts, possibly return with new capabilities and contacts, and enable new opportunities.

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