5 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business

Are you considering using Instagram (IG) for your business but unsure of exactly how to effectively use it? Here are five ways to incorporate IG into your company’s social media plan (in no particular order).


The best part of IG is the ability to use photos (and short videos) to visually tell a story. Share compelling images with your users to keep them coming back for more. When you capture the right angles with the best lighting, you won’t need many words for the caption. Followers will double-tap every time.


Offer your followers the chance to be the first to find out about upcoming events, services or products so that they feel special and will check your page for new updates. Instagram stories let you record videos that are only viewable for 24 hours. Use this limitation to show users exclusive content (e.g., videos of behind-the-scenes footage of your business). Live video feeds are another way to engage with your followers and give them a glimpse of what is new.


Hashtag #GetNoticed. Hashtags can be used to populate your posts in searches and will help you to reach an audience beyond the people who follow your page. Although Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, it is important to be strategic with the words you choose. Whether your tags are general or industry specific, use words that you want people to associate with your brand, product or service. With one click on a hashtag or a quick search, users who don’t follow you will be able to see your posts and may decide to become followers.


Building partnerships through social media is a free tactic that can help you grow your following. By cross-promoting, tagging and reposting other IG accounts, you can expand your reach. Agreeing with another account to post updates on each other’s pages about your businesses, is an easy way to reach people who don’t follow you. Tagging accounts to your posts and reposting updates from other accounts (without an established partnership) is another way to get the attention of people who don’t follow you… yet.


As you look at what your competitors are doing on other platforms, don’t forget about Instagram. By searching keywords or looking at other accounts, you can learn what works for your industry, what is trending or popular, and discover ways to incorporate new strategies into your social posts. Social media is always evolving. Monitoring IG to keep up with changes will keep you at the forefront of the curve and earn new followers in the process.

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