5 Trends to Keep You Hip

Happy New Year from all of us at Relish! While everyone is getting organized and hitting the gym, we think it’s a good time to try out some new marketing strategies. Here’s what’s up and coming in 2017.

Augmented Reality

1. Augmented Reality

People did not expect Pokémon GO to take off as well as it did. Even though it has greatly declined in popularity from it $10 million-a-day earnings, the app has proven two things: people are ready for augmented reality, and marketers need to find a way to plug-in brands naturally. From Ink Hunters, an app used for trying out tattoos on any part of your body, to WallaMe, an app that lets you leave hidden messages all over the world for other users to discover, augmented reality is enticing its audiences.

Video Streaming

2. Video Streaming

Along with faster Internet, users crave the ability to stream live videos. Video streaming, of course, has had its lags, kinks and bugs to work out. However, it is a technology that is constantly experiencing innovation. In 2016, we were able to live stream the Presidential debate and produce the first ever 4K live streamed event: UFC 200! This year, Facebook Live made a splash, allowing friends to share live videos with one another. Live streaming allows users to feel connected to the world around them. We await more of it and in better qualities.

Data Visualization Tools

3. Data Visualization Tools

If you have a business page on Facebook or have sent an email campaign through Mailchimp, you’re probably familiar with charts these apps provide to visually demonstrate your results. Stats such as people reached and interactions completed are best processed visually, not through raw numerical data. There are dozens of data visualization tools that businesses can use which turn insights into graphs, charts and maps that are downloadable. In 2017, if businesses aren’t using these resources, they will be at a huge disadvantage.

Concise Content

4. Concise Content

We are growing more and more impatient – especially in the younger generation. This isn’t a result of laziness, but an effort to filter out the white noise. Users are smarter than you think, absorbing information quickly and demanding to be intrigued by content. Marketers will need to create concise content, choosing every word with purpose.

Immersive Marketing

5. Immersive Marketing

Users want to be doing more on their smart devices than just scrolling through a feed. Immersive marketing works in the same vein as augmented reality, but includes more interaction with live events. Additionally, 360-degree videos and photos immerse the user into an environment, story or experience.