3 Things Most Businesses Get Wrong About Video Marketing

If your business provides accounting, architecture, communications, consulting, engineering, law, IT, or any other professional services, your success depends on the quality of your services – and the people who provide them. In fact, your clients and customers count on the people who do important work for them.  Your people understand your clients, building and enhancing the relationships that are the lifeblood of your success. That’s why professional services videos are such a major component of many top marketing strategies. Unfortunately, however, many of those video marketing strategies can be undercut by three myths, which we’d like to dispel for you right now:

MYTH 1: You can make great videos on your mobile phone – practically for free!

Some commercials make it look like if you just hit record on your phone, you’ll get broadcast-quality video. But it doesn’t take much web surfing to discover that many different kinds of videos are out there. Specifically, there are many different kinds of bad videos. They’re blurry, over- or under-exposed, difficult to hear properly, shot from unflattering angles, or edited awkwardly. And most of the time, these flaws are enough to make viewers stop watching.

Now, it’s true that many current model phones can record video at definitions as high as 4K. But that alone isn’t enough to make great video. Here are a few things that top professional videographers do as a matter of course (and you should too):

  • Light your subjects appropriately – and test that lighting with your recording device. Lighting that looks perfect in person might look too bright or dim on video (and vice-versa).
  • Frame your shots well. You don’t want to cut the tops off of your talent’s heads or record them from too far away. Flatter your talent and show what needs to be seen.
  • Pay attention to acoustics and sound design. Choose microphones and sound designs that will help voices sound clear and natural, without echoes or distracting noises.
  • Choose editing effects carefully. Video production apps contain myriad effects and options. That doesn’t mean you should use them all. Make editing choices that support your story.

The point is that it’s easy to make mistakes – and it’s hard to overestimate how much expertise and experience you’ll need to get the nuances of video production right.

MYTH 2: A massive investment in broadcast video production is always the best choice.

This is only a partial myth. The truth is that working with a broadcast video producer can take your video to an entirely new and professional level. The video production tips above are baseline expectations – but there is so much more that professionals will bring to the table. For instance, if you’re doing a scripted video, they’ll give your talent the guidance and support they need to feel at ease and convey information the way you want them to. Especially if you’re employing a creative approach, they’ll design each shot to support video flow and keep viewers’ attention.

That said, professional video expertise can be very expensive. Even if you don’t spend the millions that TV networks, Netflix, or AppleTV+ do, broadcast quality isn’t cheap. Pro-grade cameras, sound, and editing equipment cost a lot of money. And there are good reasons why experienced broadcast video producers, directors, designers, editors, and other talent charge high hourly rates. They can make your video look and sound like an Oscar- or Emmy-worthy documentary, drama, comedy, or whatever you want. And, to be fair, some marketing initiatives demand that level of quality. But not every video marketing project has to look and feel deserving of a red-carpet nomination. Which brings us to Myth #3.

MYTH 3: There is no affordable sweet spot between self-made video and professional production

Of course, there is. You can save a lot of money by shooting much of your footage on mobile phones and tablets. However, if you want those videos to look and sound professional, communicate powerfully, and reinforce your branding and messaging, you’ll want some assistance.

The creativity and guidance of an experienced video production partner can help you dramatically raise the quality of your videos. In addition to the tips in Myth #1 above, a smart video production partner should give you a full set of detailed guidelines to help make the videos you shoot as consistently great looking as possible. They may bring in a scriptwriter and editor to keep your video content clear, easy to follow, and authentically on brand. The right video production partner can also enhance your videos with professional intros and outros, including graphics, animation, and music – all of which can come together to elevate the tone, feel and consistency of your videos. Full disclosure: Relish Marketing often provides this kind of support to our clients, delivering excellent results while saving time and money.

Bottom line: When people drive your business success, great video content can help you elevate perceptions about your company, reinforce your brand, and stand out in a competitive market.

If you’ve been wondering about the best way to bring quality video to your marketing, we’d love to hear all about it. The right partner can help you achieve tremendous results with high levels of creativity and quality – without breaking the bank.