do you belong at relish?
  • 1. choose your refreshment

    The Relish team took two terrific wine making classes together at the Wine Workshop & Brew Center upstairs from our offices!

    We love the fact that Three Taverns Brewery is just across the street from our complex.

    Everyone at Relish knows that sometimes, the simplest things are the best.

    Sometimes you have to spend extra time with something to give it that well-crafted finesse.

    The coffee station at Relish is like having a coffee shop right in our offices.

    Some members of our team insist that their creativity is fueled by chocolate.

  • 2. choose your landscape

    Fresh ideas come from fresh ocean breezes!

    High vantage points can give you an excellent perspective.

    All those trees make a lot of oxygen - just what a creative brain craves.

    Bright lights and wide open skies can feed the imagination.

    A cozy fireplace on a winter's night can inspire brilliance.

  • 3. How do you work best?

    Sometimes, you've just got to hear yourself think.

    We get a lot done in small-group discussions.

    Your creative energy + a structured approach = amazing concepts.

    Get it done and rock on!

    Listen to the wind (it might have some good ideas).

  • 4. Technology?

    This is good - we are a tech-savvy organization.

    Technological expertise is always a benefit to our web clients.

    We love people with big imaginations!

    Awesome - we use technology AND live in the real world.

  • 5. dogs or cats?

    Dog people tend to be conscientious and friendly - we like dog people!

    Cat people tend to be introspective and intelligent - we like cat people!

    You probably have a calm streak - we like people like that!

    We understand!

  • 6. Where is Relish North?

    We'd love to find our next Chicago-based client - but that's not Relish North.

    That is North of Relish - and we spend lots of time up that way with clients - but it isn't Relish North.

    We've done client work in Washington State, but that's not Relish North.

    That's the place! Have you seen our name-plate there?

  • 7. Favorite decatur hangout

    Those of us who love our coffee can tell you - this place has some of the best.

    We once did a staff photo shoot here. The food is delicious (and there's bocce ball, too).

    They're small, they mix a great cocktail and excellent service is their number one priority - just like us!

    Good food and good music! Some of our team members are musicians, too.

    They're our neighbors and friends!

    That's okay! We're a fun bunch who love to eat and drink. If you work here, you'll get to know all those places and more.


    We don't have a lot of turnover, but we are growing.
    If you're interested in joining the Relish team,
    send your resume to us at info@relishmarketing.com.