6 Reasons to Relish the 2017 Hermes Creative Awards

The prestigious Hermes Creative Awards are designed to reward creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of marketing materials, programs, technologies and the communications around them. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, graphic design shops, production companies, web and digital creators and freelancers from around the world. And while we certainly don’t do what we do for the awards, it gives us a thrill to know that we’re not the only ones who relish the work we get to do with our wonderful clients!

Relish Marketing Hermes Creative Awards

Core Dance – Pro bono – Platinum

CORE is a passionate nonprofit organization known for its innovative, contemporary dance. The organization has been internationally acclaimed in performances, tours and residencies in the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, Sweden, Germany, Croatia and the Republic of Georgia.

Relish highlighted CORE’s unique story, developing a comprehensive brand that showcased the organization’s long history of excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

Kraton Corporate Branding  – Corporate Branding – Gold

When Kraton Performance Polymers completed its acquisition of Arizona Chemical, it needed to move forward with a single, clear brand for the combined company – one that would distinctively articulate its new corporate mission, vision and values.

That’s where Relish Marketing came in, designing a new corporate logo, developing a strategy to cleanly structure relationships between the Kraton parent brand and sub-brands, and creating key messages that made it easy to tell the company’s brand story. All of which helped the company’s internal and external stakeholders recognize Kraton as a unified brand that brings value-added solutions to its customers.

Taylor English Diversity Ad – Advertising – Gold

Diversity is such a popular buzz word for today’s businesses that it has become something of a check-list item for many organizations. But at Taylor English, diversity is more than a statement about what attorneys and staff members look like or where they come from. It’s a recognition of the highly varied backgrounds and experiences which inform every team member’s capabilities that are brought into play every day to achieve efficient, productive results for the firm’s clients.

We highlighted this diversity in an advertising campaign whose graphics and copy were as crisp, clear and compelling as the firm, itself.

Kimberly-Clark Welcome Original Thinkers

WOT – Digital Marketing Campaign – Gold

WOT – Social Media Campaign – Gold

WOT – Talent Acquisition – Gold

Millennials – people aged 18-34 – have surpassed baby boomers as the nation’s largest living generation and, no surprise, have also become a prized target audience. Google “How to Reach Millennials” and you’ll get somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000,000 results. Or just search the Advertising Age website – they’ve published more than 1000 articles on the subject.

Most recently, Ad Age has highlighted how Relish Marketing is helping our longtime client and partner, Kimberly-Clark, to better position the company’s employment opportunities for millennials at its North American Consumer Headquarters in Neenah-Appleton, WI. In the quest to attract the best talent in a tight job market, Relish partnered with Kimberly-Clark to create the Welcome Original Thinkers campaign – anchored by a Buzzfeed-style quiz and a new dedicated career site.

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